Keeping Your Austin Home Healthy

healthy-homeWhat does it mean for your home to be healthy? It’s a question very few people ever ask, because for most there is never any idea that a home could be anything but healthy. But the fact is that some homes can be incredibly unhealthy and lead to serious health problems for its inhabitants. But the nature of home ownership is that you tend to neglect the fact that it works well until it doesn’t work well. But at, our goal is to help residents and businesses make smart decisions about their life that will keep them healthy. And because we spend so much time in our homes, making sure your home is healthy is a huge part of maintaining an overall healthy lifestyle. After all, what’s the point in sticking to a strict diet and depriving yourself of indulgent food if you spend the majority of your time in a home that can make you chronically ill?


Attributes of a Healthy Home

There is no clear definition of what a healthy home is or isn’t. Of course, if you saw a home with mice running freely inside you would know it’s not healthy, but defining the positive attributes of a healthy home isn’t so cut and dry. That said, there are some common attributes that apply to most homes that experts would agree are healthy.


A dry home

Moisture is the enemy of any home. It can cause mold problems and severe respiratory issues in home inhabitants, and moisture also creates a very favorable environment for critters you wouldn’t necessarily call healthy (mice, rodents, roaches, etc.).

A clean home

Keeping your home clean is step one in creating a healthy living environment. By continually cleaning your home you are disinfecting the area and keeping it clear of clutter that nasty animals and insects love to call home.

Pest-Control-PreventionA pest-free home

This should be obvious, because pests are gross. But what most don’t realize is studies have shown there to be a correlation between pests and asthma in small children. But it should also be said that there are safe ways to keep a home pest-free and toxic approaches that shouldn’t be followed.

A contaminate-free home

Lead, radon, pesticides, tobacco smoke, asbestos, and carbon monoxide are just some of the harmful contaminants that can be found in homes. Ensuring yours is free of these substances is crucial to maintaining a healthy home.

A well-ventilated home

Ventilation is about the last thing people think about when it comes to their homes, but if you think about it ventilating your home is a crucial aspect to a healthy home. You need fresh air to live, so doesn’t it stand to reason your home’s occupants will be healthier is the home is full of fresh air?

A well-maintained home

There is no shortage of resources on the web to give you tips on maintaining your home, but far too people actually follow through with the proactive nature of home maintenance. As it pertains to health, it can be a recipe for problems. Maintaining your home allows you to stay on top of problems before they spiral out of control and cause big problems.